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If you’re thinking of Buying an Investment Property in Barrie –
Work with a Realtor that’s also an Investor…

Why Buy With Us

Local Expertise

We have 50+ years of combined real estate/investing experience in the city of Barrie

Strategic &
Forward Thinking

We know the market trends to make a proper educated & strategic buying decision

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Buy For Value

Our Team knows the good vs bad pockets in the Barrie market, this can be the difference


Honest & Transparent

Our approach is simple & it works –  90% of business comes from repeat clients & referrals!


Investing Options

There’s many factors for an Investor to consider when purchasing real estate in the Barrie market – Barrie Investing has been involved in all three options below & can help guide you in the right direction based on your comfort level & Investing expectations.


Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship consists of one person controlling the investment purchase, making all decisions & receiving 100% of the profit.  Of course this sounds great, but coming up with the full down payment of at least 20% is not easy (required by the lender for rental purchases)…Either way, this is a good option for Investors that don’t want a partner.


Multiple Partners

A Joint Venture consists of 2 or more people that pool their money together to purchase the real estate investment.  For example:  Two partners share 50% each, Three partners share 33.3% each, Four partners share 25% each.  This is an attractive option as it’s much more affordable since the down payment is split. recommends a co-ownership agreement in this situation, which is signed with the lawyer on closing.


Silent Partner

A Joint Venture with a silent partner consists of two people: The Money Partner (Silent Investor) & The Active Partner.  The Money Partner is responsible for the down payment & the Active Partner runs the day to day dealings of tenants, issues, rent, maintenance/repair, etc. This is a great option for a Silent Partner that wants to diversify their portfolio with Real Estate holdings, but doesn’t want to be a Landlord – Just sit back & do nothing!

Why wait to grow your wealth? Start investing today!

What Buyer Investors Say

“Domenic Gagliardi recently helped us purchase our dream family cottage. His support and guidance through the process was remarkable. He was always available to answer any questions that we had and went that extra step to help us in any way he could. A true professional!”

Vicky Alonzi

“Buying our first house with a serious budget was not an easy task and he worked day and night to help us find what we wanted and needed! He was honest with houses to make sure we wouldn’t get into something we would regret!!
Will definitely be reaching out to him when we decide to move!”

Hope Martin

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