Joint Venture with Silent Partner – How it works?

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These deals are structured where one partner (Active Partner) finds a suitable property, negotiates the real estate deal & manages the day to day activities of the investment, while the other partner (Silent Partner) puts up 100% cash in return for 50% of ownership in the property. Upon closing of a transaction, a Co-ownership Agreement is signed with a Lawyer indicating the terms of the Parties involved.

When the property is sold, the initial investment from the Silent Partner is repaid first, then any remaining equity is split 50% / 50% as per the ownership.

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This opportunity is suitable for Investors that have the capital but are too busy or don’t want to deal with tenants, rents, repairs, etc – has the experience & knowledge to make sure your money is in good hands & will provide a healthy return year over year.

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Silent Partnership Real Estate Investing in Barrie – Joint Venture with Silent Partner Real Estate Investing in Barrie

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