Barrie Neighbourhoods With the Highest Number of Sales for 2018

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If you are an investor or simply thinking of investing, it is important to look at all the metrics and statistics surrounding your investment. The number of sales in a specific market is an important metric to consider, when looking at investing. The number of sales in a market helps investors better understand how competitive a given market is and it can also impact your investments market value.

We have collected data across Barrie’s 11 neighborhood’s and have found which have the highest number of sales on average for 2018.

Highest Number of Sales for 2018

1. Holly – 148
2. Painswick – 137
3. West Barrie – 129
4. Innishore & East Barrie – 125
5. Ardagh – 113

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*As it is still 2018, we may see a change in these numbers by the end of the year.

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